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22nd World Congress of Food Science and Technology

The future of food is now: Development, Functionality & Sustainability
Food Technology, Processing and Engineering
  • Thermal and non-thermal preservation processing
  • Membrane and separation technologies
  • Extrusion technologies
  • Encapsulation and delivery
  • Refrigeration and freezing
  • Biotransformation and fermentation
  • Innovative and Novel processing methods
  • Applications of nanoscale sciences
Packaging Materials and Technologies
  • Packaging Technologies
  • Food packaging materials development
  • Smart packaging
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Edible packaging
  • Environmental impact of packaging
  • Innovative packaging recovery, reuse, and recycle
  • Shelf-life assessment and packaging
Traditional Food for the Future
  • Modernizing traditional and ethnic foods
  • Traditional local Medicine in foods
  • Traditional ingredients in foods
Education and training for green (or sustainable) and innovative food systems
  • Challenges in Education and Training to boost sustainability and innovation
  • Innovations in Teaching Engineering and Food Science
  • Digitalization and Innovative Teaching tools
  • Life-long learning in a networked world
  • Academia-industry collaboration towards innovative educational models
  • Innovative lessons learned from the pandemic period and their implications
Future of Food Manufacturing
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Additive manufacturing and 3D printing
  • Modeling, virtualization, process design and digital twins
  • Non-destructive process monitoring (e.g. Instrumentation, sensors, and imaging technologies)
  • Hygienic design, fouling and cleaning
  • Lab-based food production (e.g. cultured meat)
  • Cellular agriculture
  • Automation, Robotics, Internet of Future Industry
  • Nanotechnology-enabled bio-sensors and inline detection
Sensory & Consumer Science
  • New consumer trends
  • Psychophysics and physiology
  • Developments in measures of food choice / preference
  • Developments in sensory methods
  • Sensory science and health
  • Food choice and consumer behavior
  • Sensometrics
  • Sensory and gastronomy
Food Quality, Safety & Regulations
  • Food omics (metabolomics)
  • Physical and chemical contaminants
  • Toxicology and safety assessment
  • Microbial growth and inactivation
  • Testing methods, instrumentation and analysis
  • Traceability and transparency
  • Risk and benefit assessment
  • Risk communication
  • Emerging food safety issues (e.g. microplastics, nano-materials, etc.)
  • Public policy and regulations
  • Food Safety Management and Culture
Innovation in Agri- and Aqua-Technology
  • Precision farming
  • Urban food production
  • Indoor farming
  • Fruit and vegetable farming
  • Sustainable animal production
  • Aquatic food production
  • Side-stream and waste valorization
  • Nanotechnology applications
Product development and Innovation
  • Novel foods and ingredients
  • Alternative proteins
  • Healthy and functional lipids
  • Healthy carbohydrates
  • Phytochemical and bioactive ingredients
  • Biodiversity and under-utilized crops
  • Food Structuring
Nutrition & Health
  • Food design to meet nutrition needs
  • Nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics and precision nutrition
  • Microbiome and gut health
  • Nutrition in prevention of chronic diseases
  • Probiotics and prebiotics
  • Food for special purpose/claims
  • Nutraceuticals and functional foods
  • Dietary supplements
  • Diet & appetite
  • Stratified nutrition and digital health
Supply Chain Management
  • Big data & Blockchain
  • Sensor, AI and IoT-driven logistics
  • Robotics and automation
  • Technology for supply chain decarbonization
  • E-commerce
Public-Private Partnership & Open Innovation
  • Pre-competitive research
  • Industry-led consortiums
  • Incubators / accelerators for agritech, foodtech startups
  • Academia-Industry-Government
 Food Security and Sustainability
  • Zero-waste processing
  • Life cycle Analysis and Costs
  • Circular Bioeconomy