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22nd World Congress of Food Science and Technology

The future of food is now: Development, Functionality & Sustainability

September 8, 2024

Young Scientists/Early Career Scientists Workshop
Youth Action in Addressing Future Food System Challenges

The challenges facing the future food system are vast, encompassing the need to address climate change, ensure sustainability, and enhance food and nutrition security for all. These challenges also include diversifying food sources, drawing insights from indigenous food systems, supporting sustainable agriculture, empowering small farmers, eradicating rural poverty, and promoting gender equality – topics that resonate deeply with young people. From participating in urban farming projects and launching tech startups focused on sustainable agriculture to advocating for food justice through campaigns and collaborating on innovative initiatives for systemic change, young people are well-positioned to make significant contributions to addressing food system challenges. Join us for an engaging workshop where we’ll explore the unique expertise, skills, and values young people bring to the table, and together, brainstorm actionable initiatives to forecast and address future food system challenges.


Workshop Free of charge
Please note the Workshop is reserved for Young/Early Career Scientist only.
It is mandatory to be registered at the Congress.


September 8, 2024

Food Safety Validation and Verification: Key Requirements for Global Food Safety

Global food safety regulations, whether it is HACCP or US FSMA, clearly indicates a trend in prevention-based food safety assurance, supply chain control from “farm to fork” and emphasis on risk-based hazard analysis and validated strategies for risk mitigation. Thus, current food safety regulations are increasingly focused on prevention and preventive controls and rely on validated processes, supply chain and harmonized analytical procedures especially given the recent high-profile outbreaks in low moisture foods including powdered infant formula and chocolate.

The workshop will highlight emerging regulatory trends and legislative developments globally that are likely to impact the preventive controls, discussion on preservation techniques including novel and non-thermal processing and their validation parameters and requirements as well as the appropriate methods used for analyses. Similarly, once validation is completed, the work does not end, and a food manufacturer needs to establish verification procedures to ensure the implemented processes are effectively and consistently carried out.  A confirmation that the process is doing what is intended and that it is effective and activities are properly documented.

The workshop will be conducted using a series of interactive lectures, including the use of industry experience and case studies. There will be ample opportunity for group interaction and discussion via small groups.  The workshop will address key topics such as global regulatory trends that are likely to impact preventive controls, basic concepts of validation and verification, validation of thermal and non-thermal processes, laboratory methods validation for microbiological methods, verification procedures and tools and industry experience on validation using case study.


Workshop 55,00 € (Italian Vat included)
Please note that it is mandatory to be registered at the Congress.