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22nd World Congress of Food Science and Technology

The future of food is now: Development, Functionality & Sustainability


UNESCO described San Marino as “one of the world’s oldest republics and the only surviving Italian city-state, representing an important stage in the development of democratic models worldwide”.
What you will enjoy in this tour is an enchanting medieval borough. 750 meter above the sea level, sourranded by medieval stone walls.
A breathtaking view from the top of the Mountain Titano and around you the Valmarecchia Valley with castles, fortresses and a wonderful view of the Adriatic coast.
Discover the ancient Repubblic of San Marino and visit the Torre Guaita, the most representative monument of San Marino, the one that signed the San Marino Skyline.
At the end you will taste a traditional aperitif with wine and typical products.

This tour includes:

  • Bus transfer a/r
  • Guided tour in English language
  • Entrance ticket to the Torre Guaita
  • Aperitif

€ 90,00 per person min. 10 people  

Discover the secret of the most famous italian dish: pasta! That’s a really journey in the taste to know all the secrets of local cuisine, enjoying the great traditional dishes that you will prepare with your own hands.
Immerse yourself in a cozy atmosphere and sip excellent wine with authentic local recipe: cappelletti, the typical handmade pasta.
In a typical farmhouse, you will have your personal kichenstand and together with our “Azdora”, our local cook ,you will learn how to make italian pasta.
The Azdora obviously won’t leave your stomach empty! After the lesson you can finally enjoy handmade pasta with sauce, accompanied by 4 excellent wines and desserts! Once you will be at home you will know how to amaze your friends and relatives by cooking excellent pasta !

This tour includes:

  • Bus transfer a/r
  • Cooking lesson in English language
  • Wine tasting and meal with pasta

€ 100,00 per person min. 10 people 


Discover the most beautiful places of Rimini.
“The Treasures of Rimini” Arch of Augustus and the Bridge of Tiberius will tell us about Ariminum, the Roman Rimini. We will then make an incursion into the Renaissance thanks to the Malatesta Temple and Castel Sismondo (outside).
And among the streets of the historic center we can not forget Piazza Cavour with the renovated Theatre “A. Galli” and not far one of the monuments-symbol of Rimini ‘900: the Cinema Fulgor, whose history is partly linked to the famous director Federico Fellini (born in Rimini on January 20, 1920). Memories enclosed in old posters, patinated posters, bourgeois residences, small squares and neighborhoods (like the district of San Giuliano full of renovated murals), majestic buildings will be at the center of this magical path to go all in one breath!
At the end a pleasure aperitif with typical products and wine.

 € 45,00 per person min. 10 people
Group max 35 people

“The site is of outstanding universal value being of remarkable significance by virtue of the supreme artistry of the mosaic art that the monuments contain, and also because of the crucial evidence that they provide of artistic and religious relationships and contacts at an important period of European cultural history.”
In this way the UNESCO World Heritage motivated why eight monuments of Ravenna had been added to the World Heritage List.
What you will experience is the visit to the most beautiful mosaics in the world. Justinian and Theodora welcome you into the majestic gold of the Basilica of St. Vitale; experience the strong emotions that accompany entry into the Mausoleum Galla Placidia, where cobalt blue mosaics embrace a dome of golden stars. Accompany the Virgins and Martyrs of St. Apollinare Nuovo on their journey and stand awestruck before the elegant movement of the Apostles in the Neonian Baptistery, almost a joyful dance around Jesus, baptised in the River Jordan. Discover the refined details sculpted in the ivory of the Throne of Maximian and admire the light as it reflects in the gold and radiates throughout the Chapel of St. Andrew kept in the Archiepiscopal Museum.
You will have free time to discover the modern Covered Market, an enormous commercial space where it is possible to enjoy traditional dishes and purchase the excellent products of the territory of Romagna.

This tour includes:

  • Bus transfer a/r
  • Full day guided tour in English language , Entrance ticket to Unesco Monuments , light lunch

 € 145,00 per person min. 10 people


A traditional wine tasting in a wineyard.
The experience begins with a walk in the vineyard, followed by a tour of the winery to discover the secrets of  Sangiovese, the most famous local wine.
Three glasses of wine, salami, cheeses from local producers and extra virgin olive oil produced on the estate: in one experience you will taste all the most important local products!


This tour includes:

  • Bus transfer a/r
  • Wine tasting

€ 70,00 per person min. 10 people

Do you want to know more about the most famous person in Rimini, after Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta? If so, follow VisitRimini throughout a tour entirely dedicated to the famous filmmaker Federico Fellini: “ALL ABOUT FELLINI”.
The tour includes the visit to the scenic Fellini Museum, the dreamy Piazza Dei Sogni and the shining Fulgor Cinema Palace, where you can admire the tribute paid by the city of Rimini to Fellini with the building of a widespread museum solely dedicated to him in the historical center. A great urban project dedicated to Fellini with curious facts about his youth and his rise to the top of the movie industry.

€ 50,00 per person min. 10 people
Group max 17 people

Please note that this programme is subject to change at any time. IUFoST 2024 Organising Secretariat is at your disposal at for further inquiries about tour accessibility and mobility restrictions.


Terms and Conditions
A minimum of 10 participants is required; if the minimum is not reached by August 5th , 2024 (12:00PM CET) the tour could be cancelled for lack of participation and you will be reimbursed.
Tours can be paid by credit card/bank transfer through the online registration system. An invoice will be issued when the payment has been received. A voucher to attend the Tour will be sent few days before the congress.
Cancellations will be accepted until August 5th , 2024, with a refund of all prepaid fees except for a 30% administration charge. No refunds will be made for cancellations received after this date